Could this family be anymore ridiculously good looking?! I went over to their home yesterday to photograph their new addition, the gorgeous Chloe, she is SO precious! Here are a few sneak peeks of our newborn home session.

Chloe_003 Chloe_007 Chloe_008 Chloe_009 Chloe_011 Chloe_012 Chloe_018 Chloe_022 Chloe_027 Chloe_029 Chloe_034 Chloe_036 Chloe_038 Chloe_041 Chloe_042 Chloe_046 Chloe_053 Chloe_054 Chloe_058 Chloe_063 Chloe_065 Chloe_066 Chloe_071 Chloe_076 Chloe_078 Chloe_080 Chloe_081 Chloe_083 Chloe_085 Chloe_089 Chloe_091 Chloe_096 Chloe_100